You might not know this but, you love worms.  Worms have always been regarded as good bait but they are so much more important than that.  Worms do a phenomenal job of filtering the soil and breaking down waste.  Worms are a great solution for dealing with natural food waste.  In return worms not only break down food waste, but they increase the nutrient content in the process.  It is as if they have a synergistic effect with the minerals that they are digesting!


Since the 70’s vermi-composting has been used as a way to break down organic matter into healthy soil.  Michigan biology teacher Mary Appelhof is widely considered to be an early pioneer of vermi-composting.  she spent a winter studying red wigglers as a method for indoor composting.  What she witnessed is that the worms in a small space had broken down 65 lbs of food waste into amazing compost which supplied the plants in the spring with maximum nutrients.


New studies have been showing the rapid decline in worm populations. The number one suspect for their sudden shift are chemical fertilizers and sprays.  The application of chemical fertilizers, sprays and dusts are believed to have a disastrous effects on the earthworm populations.  A negative reaction seems to be quite an obvious outcome when you introduce chemicals into nature. These chemicals then find their way into our body’s through the food we consume. One can only imagine the monstrous effect Monsanto has when it sells it’s GMO seeds that require sprays.  If we allow for these practices to continue then we will all suffer when the soil begins to die. A good way to be part of the solution is to buy local organic food that does not require chemical sprays or fertilizers.  This is necessary for self-preservation of the natural environment for generations to come.


Finca Farms advocates growing techniques that use nature and that are in sync with nature. Creating and community that is aligned is also very important to us.  If we start at a smaller simpler level to witness an interaction of co existence and how things work together on a micro level we can then replicate on a larger level. We learn and grow.


A few things you may not know about worms…   They are hermaphrodites.  This means that they have both male and female sex organs within their long slimy body. Another interesting fact about our little friends is that the mucus that they secrete from their body to help them move through the soil glows in the dark.  This is quite interesting due to the fact that they work in complete darkness. 😉


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