-1 part Chamomile

-1 part fresh Mint

-1 part sliced Ginger

-Top off with Jasmine


This is my favorite simple remedy for a stomach ache.  Chamomile has always been a traditional remedy for lulling to sleep and is very beneficial for an upset stomach.  It can also be used for flavoring teas and is great for after dinner and before bed.  Fresh mint is a favorite to add into tea, alone or with supporting herb characters.  In Morocco mint tea is the equivalent of coffee.  Mint tea is a great diuretic & a great medicinal herb to treat stomach aches or chest pains.   For a quick fix chewing on the leaves can alleviate the stomach as well. Ginger tea is a beverage in many countries & is used frequently in tea made in all parts of India.  Ginger tea derives a flavor that is spicy and stimulating which can be soothing and warming for settling an upset stomach.  Ginger is also great for your immune system and is a favorite come cold season.  Jasmine flower has always been a romantic herb to me.  The Jasmine is native to the Himalayas and is considered scared throughout the region.  In India Jasmine is considered the sacred flower of Kama, the god of love.  Jasmine tea acts as a natural sedative and is a great way to ease the mind and heart.  I love adding a bit of Jasmine to most teas for good energy.

**if pregnant please consult your doctor before drinking



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