Herbal Facial Steam

Steam for dry to normal skin

3 parts confrey leaf
2 parts calendula
2 parts chamomile
2 parts roses
1 part lavender


Combine all the ingredients and put into an air tight jar.  Feel free to play around with the ingredients,  Generally all flowers are great for your skin, roses, marigold, chamomile and lavender blossoms etc.   To preform a facial steam bring 2 – 3 quarts of water to boil in a large pot.  Toss in a healthy handful of herbs, cover and let simmer for just a couple of minutes.   Find a good surface that is heat proof and will be at a comfortable level to sit at.  Place a large towel over your head and place your head and towel over the pot.  It will get really hot to regulate the heat lift your head with the towel up to allow fresh air to enter.

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